Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌


Well. Why did I ended up using mastodon (4 years ago. Will be hard to remind me of this)...
- I like self-hosting and decentralized technology
- I'm worried about the privacy and tracker of social network
- I don't like monopoly
- I'm worried about the hoster have on my content
- I don't want other to impose moderation on me

For more background, I migrated to my own instance 5 days ago (something I planned to do for a long time), after the word of the buying of twitter (1/2)


I'm still in OVH's cloud (I'll probably change that one day) and depend on my DNS registrar and server (OVH / Afnic, no idea to get rid of that).

Also, I previously were on Framasoft's home server.


@marius851000 I just love that this is an option and it's built into the interface that you can easily switch to a new server if you want/need to

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