It seem @pavel (, @psyops ( and @nukie ( pinged me (and many other users) for no reason.

I reported to the message to the server's admin, hoping they react appropriatly to this (defining "appropriatly" is an hard task...).

Ping @fediblock , which should have more experience with these stuff (thought I don't like blocking people...)

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@marius851000 stop. @pavel pinged you in response to the one who implemented and pinged @everyone


@drq You mean someone really implemented a at everyone ? Whoa ! I'm speechless. Never imagined that to be possible. Thank for the information. (I supposed it was just here to look nice due to not being clicable, and then someone responded with all those ping, and then it got worse).

I'm speechless at the fact that anybody actually thought that this is a good idea.

(Although, instance-wide, for the admin, it might be useful, but we already have notifications. On the second thought, there's no polls in admin notifications)

@drq @marius851000 There is no implication that anyone (even pleb), thinks it's a good idea.
It's a hilarious idea, which is completely unrelated.

@marius851000 also, goes to show that fediblock is far from the perfect solution, you almost fediblocked the Fediverse in half without second thought.

@psyops Oops. Usually, mastodon permit to control who you ping when you reply to a message. It's usually best to only mention people which should see the message.

@marius851000 instead it's best to learn how to have fun, contrary to mastodons believes being mentioned isn't the worst thing in the world, there's a lot of lonely people that appreciate the company.

@psyops Well... I don't. But may I please ask you make those massive list of people ? Is there some blocklist I could subscribe too (Oh. And have fun yourself too).

@marius851000 you could but I wont advertise it because whats the point of even being on the fediverse at that point, that's just lame as fuck.
Mastodon on Fediverse is like that friend nobody likes but who is the most outspoken, joins others' conversations all the time, makes a temper tantrum and leaves.

And Pleroma's alt-right servers are like your alcoholic relative who you wish would just go away.

FFS, I accidentally tagged Fediblock. C'mon, dude, be careful, we might get a ban.


For pinging more than 100 people with no visible reason.

@marius851000 @pavel @psyops @nukie @fediblock these were done as a reply to a preexisting post, you simply could not see it.
@marius851000 @psyops I act like n1x, I only block instances when I need to. There's no need for me to search for every radlib, alt-right or loli instance in existence, that's just insane.
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